Class Metrics.MetricsBase

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public static class Metrics.MetricsBase extends Object
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      public static String METRICS_VERSION
      The version of the Metrics class.
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    • MetricsBase

      public MetricsBase(String platform, String serverUuid, int serviceId, boolean enabled, Consumer<Metrics.JsonObjectBuilder> appendPlatformDataConsumer, Consumer<Metrics.JsonObjectBuilder> appendServiceDataConsumer, Consumer<Runnable> submitTaskConsumer, Supplier<Boolean> checkServiceEnabledSupplier, BiConsumer<String,Throwable> errorLogger, Consumer<String> infoLogger, boolean logErrors, boolean logSentData, boolean logResponseStatusText)
      Creates a new MetricsBase class instance.
      platform - The platform of the service.
      serverUuid - The server uuid.
      serviceId - The id of the service.
      enabled - Whether or not data sending is enabled.
      appendPlatformDataConsumer - A consumer that receives a JsonObjectBuilder and appends all platform-specific data.
      appendServiceDataConsumer - A consumer that receives a JsonObjectBuilder and appends all service-specific data.
      submitTaskConsumer - A consumer that takes a runnable with the submit task. This can be used to delegate the data collection to a another thread to prevent errors caused by concurrency. Can be null.
      checkServiceEnabledSupplier - A supplier to check if the service is still enabled.
      errorLogger - A consumer that accepts log message and an error.
      infoLogger - A consumer that accepts info log messages.
      logErrors - Whether or not errors should be logged.
      logSentData - Whether or not the sent data should be logged.
      logResponseStatusText - Whether or not the response status text should be logged.
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