Class ProfileRequest


public class ProfileRequest extends Object
Stores basic information about a single profile used to request profiles from the Mojang servers.

Also stores the result of the request.

  • Constructor Details

    • ProfileRequest

      public ProfileRequest(String playerName, ProfileFetchHandler handler)
      playerName - The name of the player whose profile is being requested.
      handler - Optional handler to handle the result for the profile. Handler always invoked from the main thread.
  • Method Details

    • addHandler

      public void addHandler(ProfileFetchHandler handler)
      Add one time result handler.

      Handler is always invoked from the main thread.

      handler - The result handler.
    • getPlayerName

      public String getPlayerName()
      Get the name of the player the requested profile belongs to.
    • getProfile

      @Nullable public com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile getProfile()
      Get the game profile that was requested.
      The game profile or null if the profile has not been retrieved yet or there was an error while retrieving the profile.
    • getResult

      public ProfileFetchResult getResult()
      Get the result of the profile fetch.