Interface SkinnableEntity

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public interface SkinnableEntity extends NPCHolder
Interface for player entities that are skinnable.
  • Method Details

    • getBukkitEntity

      Player getBukkitEntity()
      Get the bukkit entity.
    • getProfile

      com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile getProfile()
      Get entity game profile.
    • getSkinName

      String getSkinName()
      Get the name of the player whose skin the NPC uses.
    • getSkinTracker

      SkinPacketTracker getSkinTracker()
      Get the entities skin packet tracker.
    • setSkinFlags

      void setSkinFlags(byte flags)
      Set the bit flags that represent the skin layer parts visibility.

      Setting the skin flags automatically updates the NPC skin.

      flags - The bit flags.
    • setSkinFlags

      default void setSkinFlags(Set<SkinLayers.Layer> flags)
    • setSkinName

      @Deprecated void setSkinName(String name)
      Set the name of the player whose skin the NPC uses.

      Setting the skin name automatically updates and respawn the NPC.

      name - The skin name.
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    • setSkinName

      @Deprecated void setSkinName(String skinName, boolean forceUpdate)
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    • setSkinPersistent

      @Deprecated void setSkinPersistent(String skinName, String signature, String data)
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