Class WanderWaypointProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:<NPC,Location>,<ch.ethz.globis.phtree.PhTreeSolid<Boolean>>, Function<NPC,Location>, Supplier<ch.ethz.globis.phtree.PhTreeSolid<Boolean>>, Persistable, WaypointProvider

public class WanderWaypointProvider extends Object implements WaypointProvider,<ch.ethz.globis.phtree.PhTreeSolid<Boolean>>,<NPC,Location>
A wandering waypoint provider that wanders between either a box centered at the current location or inside a region defined by a list of boxes.
  • Field Details

    • delay

      public int delay
    • xrange

      public int xrange
    • yrange

      public int yrange
  • Constructor Details

    • WanderWaypointProvider

      public WanderWaypointProvider()
  • Method Details