Interface PathPoint

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public interface PathPoint
  • Method Details

    • addCallback

      void addCallback(PathPoint.PathCallback callback)
      Adds a path callback that will be executed if this path point is executed.
    • createAtOffset

      PathPoint createAtOffset(Vector vector)
      Returns a new PathPoint at a given Vector.
    • getGoal

      Vector getGoal()
      Gets the destination Vector
    • getParentPoint

      PathPoint getParentPoint()
      Gets the parent PathPoint
    • getPathVectors

      List<Vector> getPathVectors()
      Gets the list of manual path vectors
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    • getVector

      Vector getVector()
      Gets the vector represented by this point
    • setPathVectors

      void setPathVectors(List<Vector> vectors)
      Sets the path vectors that will be used at pathfinding time. For example, setting a list of vectors to path through in order to reach this pathpoint.
    • setVector

      void setVector(Vector vector)
      Sets the vector location of this point