Class SimpleGoalController.SimpleGoalSelector

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public class SimpleGoalController.SimpleGoalSelector extends Object implements GoalSelector
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleGoalSelector

      public SimpleGoalSelector()
  • Method Details

    • finish

      public void finish()
      Description copied from interface: GoalSelector
      Stops executing any currently running Goals and allows other goals to be selected for execution.
      Specified by:
      finish in interface GoalSelector
    • finishAndRemove

      public void finishAndRemove()
      Description copied from interface: GoalSelector
      Calls GoalSelector.finish() and removes the Goal from the list of possible goals to execute.
      Specified by:
      finishAndRemove in interface GoalSelector
    • select

      public void select(Goal goal)
      Description copied from interface: GoalSelector
      Replaces the execution of any running Goals with the specified goal.
      Specified by:
      select in interface GoalSelector
      goal - The new goal for execution
    • selectAdditional

      public void selectAdditional(Goal... goals)
      Description copied from interface: GoalSelector
      Adds the provided Goals to the execution list. These goals will be executed along with any previously running goals.
      Specified by:
      selectAdditional in interface GoalSelector
      goals - The additional goals