Class Loop

All Implemented Interfaces:
Goal, Behavior

public class Loop extends BehaviorGoalAdapter
A decorator Behavior that continues to execute its child behavior as long as a Condition returns true and the behavior returns BehaviorStatus.SUCCESS.
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    • reset

      public void reset()
      Description copied from interface: Goal
      Resets the goal and any resources or state it is holding.
    • run

      public BehaviorStatus run()
      Description copied from interface: Behavior
      Runs the behavior for one 'tick', optionally changing the state that it is in.
      The new state
    • shouldExecute

      public boolean shouldExecute()
      Description copied from interface: Behavior
      Returns whether the behavior is ready to run. Note this is called once when deciding whether to start execution of a leaf node. The actual execution status is determined by the return value of which is repeatedly called by the executing node.
    • createWithCondition

      public static Loop createWithCondition(Behavior wrapping, Condition condition)