All Classes and Interfaces

Persists the Minecraft age variable for Ageables.
An abstract agent that will complete a Plan as returned by AStarGoal.
Implements alignment flocking with a particular weight i.e.
A named Location.
Persists a list of Anchors.
AStarMachine<N extends AStarNode,P extends Plan>
The storage for an AStarMachine.
The base class for the second iteration of the Goal API, which can be made backwards compatible by extending BehaviorGoalAdapter.
An adapter between Goal and Behavior, forwarding the calls correctly between them.
A Runnable task that will break a block over time just as a normal Minecraft Player would.
The TAG_Byte_Array tag.
The TAG_Byte tag.
Contains methods used in order to utilize the Citizens API.
Represents an event thrown by Citizens.
Called just before Citizens is reloaded.
Called when Citizens is reloaded.
Annotates a method as a click handler that will accept inventory click events.
Redirects left and right clicks to another NPC.
Implements cohesion flocking with a particular weight i.e.
The base class for composite Behaviors, which handle the transition between multiple sub-behaviors.
The TAG_Compound tag.
A condition interface suitable for use in Behaviors such as IfElse or Loop.
Provides useful objects or methods to an instance of Script.
Persists the controllable status for /npc controllable A controllable NPC can be mounted by a Player using right click or /npc mount and moved around using e.g.
Persists the current Location of the NPC.
A hierarchical abstract storage class.
A decorator is a wrapper over a Behavior, which can add functionality such as filtering BehaviorStatuses, conditions, timer loops and more without knowing the internals of the behavior it wraps.
Delegates persistence to a given Persister, which will be used to create and save instances.
The TAG_Double tag.
An empty leaf Behavior.
Persists EnderCrystal metadata.
Persists Enderman metadata.
The TAG_End tag.
A helper class for storing a number of entity markers.
Represents an NPC's equipment.
A simple ContextProvider for scripts, allowing them to register and unregister events.
The TAG_Float tag.
An interface to be used with an Flocker to represent a certain type of behavior such as cohesion, alignment or separation.
Implements a simple flocking controller as a Runnable.
A sample Goal/Behavior that simply moves an NPC through a list of Locations.
Persists a Player to follow while spawned.
Forwards all calls to a secondary Behavior.
Persists the GameMode of a Player NPC.
Represents a Goal that can be added to a GoalController.
Represents a collection of goals that are prioritised and executed, allowing behaviour trees via a GoalSelector or by implementing Behavior.
Enable/disable Minecraft's gravity.
Defines a static flock of NPCs with an optional radius.
Stores guided waypoint info.
Persists a hologram attached to the NPC.
Persists various Horse metadata.
A simple if-then-else Behavior which will execute a different Behavior depending on an Condition function.
Marker annotation to inject context variables at runtime into InventoryMenuPages.
The TAG_Int_Array tag.
The TAG_Int tag.
Represents an NPC's inventory.
A container class for Inventory GUIs.
The concrete page instance representing a single page in a stack of inventory menu GUIs.
The concrete instance of a MenuPattern.
Represents a single inventory slot in a InventoryMenu.
The concrete class of MenuTransition.
An ordered list of Waypoints to walk between.
The TAG_List tag.
The TAG_Long tag.
Persists the /npc lookclose metadata
A decorator Behavior that continues to execute its child behavior as long as a Condition returns true and the behavior returns BehaviorStatus.SUCCESS.
Defines a GUI inventory menu.
A context class passed into the constructor of a Menu instance.
Defines a pattern of slots and/or transitions.
Defines a slot with a certain item.
Defines a menu transition to a new sub-menu.
Represents a storage system for metadata
bStats collects some data for plugin authors.
An extremely simple JSON builder.
A super simple representation of a JSON object.
Represents an NPC's mob type.
Persists the NPC's mounted on entity, if any.
A sample Goal/Behavior that simply moves an NPC to a specified Location.
Represents the pathfinding AI of an NPC.
A class which holds constant values.
This class reads NBT, or Named Binary Tag streams, and produces an object graph of subclasses of the Tag object.
This class writes NBT, or Named Binary Tag Tag objects to an underlying OutputStream.
A class which contains NBT-related utility methods.
Represents an NPC with optional Traits.
Represents an event where an NPC was clicked by a player.
Called just before a command list is dispatched.
Called when an NPC despawns.
Represents an event thrown by an NPC.
Represents a 'flock' of NPCs to be used as input to a Flocker.
Called when an NPC is left-clicked by a player.
Thrown when an NPC fails to load properly.
Controls the registration and lookup of a set of NPCs.
Called when an NPC is right-clicked by a player.
Called when an NPC is selected by a player.
Manages the 'selected NPC' for the server.
Called when an NPC spawns.
Represents an event where an NPC speaks, with SpeechContext.
Called when an NPC teleports.
Persists Ocelot metadata.
Represents the owner of an NPC.
Persists Painting metadata.
A marker interface for Behaviors that indicates to any parent nodes that the behavior can be run in parallel along with other behaviors.
A pathfinding strategy directed at a target.
A marker annotation for PersistenceLoader to persist a field by saving and loading it into DataKeys.
An Object that can be serialised using DataKeys.
Performs reflective persistence of objects into DataKeys.
A serialisation primitive to be used with PersistenceLoader to serialise custom objects.
A stringly-typed registry that loads and saves its types using PersistenceLoader and DataKeys.
An abstract plan returned by the AStarGoal that should be run until completion.
A named head yaw/pitch
Persists named Poses.
Persists Creeper powered status.
A dynamically prioritisable Goal.
Fetches game profiles that include skin data from Mojang servers.
Interface for a subscriber of the results of a profile fetch.
The result status of a profile fetch.
Stores basic information about a single profile used to request profiles from the Mojang servers.
Persists Rabbit metadata.
A dynamic flock of NPCs that checks for entity NPCs within a certain block radius.
Persists saddle metadata.
Represents a script written in a scripting language such as Lua, Ruby, Python or JavaScript, or any others that implements the JSR-233 scripting interfaces, including Invocable and Compilable.
Compiles files into ScriptFactorys.
Represents a producer of Scripts.
Stores a list of scripts, which are pieces of arbitrary code that can be run every tick.
A selector of sub-goals, that chooses a single Behavior to execute from a list.
Static helper class for creating common Selectors.
Implements separation flocking with a particular weight i.e.
Runs each Behavior in sequence.
Persists Sheep metadata.
Shop trait for NPC GUI shops.
The TAG_Short tag.
A base implementation of AStarStorage that uses a PriorityQueue for the frontier and HashMaps for the open/closed sets.
A simple GoalController implementation that stores goals as a ArrayList.
Simple implementation of SpeechController which allows a NPC to speak with any registered VocalChord.
Stores data for a single skin.
Persists skin layers that should/should not be visible on the NPC skin.
Interface for player entities that are skinnable.
Handles and synchronizes add and remove packets for Player type NPC's in order to properly apply the NPC skin.
Tracks skin updates for players.
Persists Slime size.
Represents the spawn state of an NPC.
Represents an event where a Talkable entity speaks by a Talkable bystander.
SpeechContext contains information about a NPCSpeechEvent, including the Talkable talker, recipients, and message.
Represents the NPCs speech abilities using VocalChords registered with the SpeechFactory.
Represents an event where a Talkable entity speaks at/near a Talkable entity.
Represents an event where a Talkable entity speaks to another Talkable entity.
Wraps an Behavior and returns a supplied BehaviorStatus instead of the underlying status.
The TAG_String tag.
Sends remove packets in batch per player.
Represents a single NBT tag.
Talkable provides an interface for talking to Players, Entities and NPCs.
A sample Goal/Behavior that will target specific EntityTypes within a certain radius and start following them using Navigator.setTarget(Entity, boolean).
Persists text metadata, i.e.
Wraps a Behavior and enforces a tick limit, after which it will return BehaviorStatus.FAILURE and reset the child Behavior.
Representing a state that can be toggled between enabled/disabled.
Represents a Trait linked to an NPC that can be loaded and saved.
Builds a trait.
A helper annotation to specify trait name for TraitInfo.
Persists the Villager profession metadata.
A sample Goal/Behavior that will wander within a certain radius or QuadTree.
A wandering waypoint provider that wanders between either a box centered at the current location or inside a region defined by a list of boxes.
Represents a Location with a number of WaypointTriggers that activate on reaching the location.
Marker interface for waypoint trigger prompts.
Registers valid WaypointTrigger classes and their chat configuration prompts.
Persists Wither metadata.
Persists Wolf metadata.
Persists Sheep wool color metadata.
Very fast pseudo random number generator.